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Spring Is Here – Time to Stock Up On Potted Plants and Hanging Baskets

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It’s springtime - the perfect time to begin planning what plants you’d like to have in your outdoor area, and start planting summer blooming perennials and annuals.

You can grow plants and flowers in your garden, no matter how small it is and whatever its style.

If your garden is your balcony, flat roof or even just your windowsills – adding greenery and colorful flowers will beautifully enhance that space, as each pot can be as enchanting as a blooming field. The great thing is, one can have diverse greenery in a very little space.

If you have room for large containers, you can grow something magnificent in it and create a centerpiece that will transform the space.

In essence, anything that you can grow in soil you can grow in a container. All plants need food, water and sunlight to survive, and the good rule of thumb is that there’s good drainage and a vessel that is wider at the top than at the bottom.

Since different plants require different amounts of light and water, make sure you choose the ones that can thrive on the amount of light you can provide, and follow instructions for the frequency of watering. If your plants require full sun, they’ll thrive in a south-facing window; those that need moderate sun will enjoy the east-and west-facing windows.

Most plants will be grateful for having their roots consistently moist, not wet, and some will prefer to dry out a bit between watering. It’s always advisable to check the care label to you determine the right watering routine.

Also, indoor plants will need regular fertilizing for healthy growth, and you can add it right to your watering.

Avoid placing plants in trouble spots, such as near direct heat or air conditioning ducts, on television or between curtains.

Dish gardens are a popular way to bring the magnificence and freshness of nature into your home or workplace.

Try blending foliage and plants to add a unique natural accent to your home, with interesting textures, unique shapes, and organic color.

Another trend for indoor planting is having hanging planters - they're a beautiful and fun way to display houseplants in any space.

For a simple style statement and smaller spaces, hang planters individually. If you like to create a focal point that really stands out, group and hang planters together. You may want to play with the design and fill the planters with feathery ferns and trailing vines.

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If you love succulents, cacti and other exotic plants, a terrarium-style indoor containers or hanging planters are perfect. Keep in mind they love light, but are really easy to sustain.

Lovely warm weather season with longer days is finally here – brighten any dark corner by adding a planter bursting with lush foliage. Start now, and enjoy a magnificent indoor or outdoor display this summer.

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