Did You Know We Offer Direct Buying Through Our Website?

Ever since the very first day in business as wholesale flower suppliers, Schaefer Wholesale Florist (SWF) has been committed to and passionate about delivering a first-class customer experience to each and every customer, always making them the number one priority.

An essential part of providing excellent wholesale florists products, service, and expert knowledge to retailers is offering more purchasing flexibility with our Direct Buying Portals.

SWF stays current with today’s innovative technology and always looks for ways to enhance customers’ experiences, which led to incorporating greater purchasing control for business-to-business customers - Direct Buying Site Expansion, giving us an insight into the most requested products to stock the freshest, most sought after flowers.

What does this mean for you, the customer?

By using these portals, HLX Dutch Direct and South American Direct, you can check live inventory, know exactly what you’re purchasing, receive your product faster, and save money in the process.

HLX Dutch Direct Portal Features:

-Focused advance ordering for the floral wedding and event marketplace

-Options to purchase small quantities with some bulk buys options

-Below wholesale costs

-Thousands of fresh-cut flowers, including seasonal specials

South American Direct Portal Features:

-Robust site offering most fresh-cut flowers for everyday flower shops

-Primary bulk (case lot) purchases; some of the case lots are smaller increments

-Below wholesale pricing

-Pictures of live inventory = control over exact product you wish to purchase

The steps to more purchasing power are easy: visit SWF website, click on one of the portals, once inside the DIRECT site, you can buy products directly from the source. This means buying fresh flowers and plants for less, as well as less handling of the product, which means less chance of damage.

While at SWF we love being your bulk flowers source, we also understand the importance of giving the best deals and experience possible to our customers, which is why we make DIRECT buying options available to you.

SWF has been serving flower shops, floral designers, funeral florists, retail florists and everyday florists in the mid-Atlantic area for more than 50 years.

When it comes to bulk flower suppliers, always opt for a reliable source of fresh, top quality cut wholesale flowers and florist supplies by partnering with a wholesale florist who respects and values you as a customer and makes sure you get your premium bulk flowers and foliage on time and at your doorstep.

Contact us today and let us help you with selecting the best wholesale flowers for weddings, events, and retail shops: www.SWFlorist.com