The Power Of Social Media For Flower Distributors

Wholesale florists play an important role in the floral industry, as we serve the purpose of providing wholesale floral supplies, service, and expert knowledge to retailers.

We see our clients as partners, and understand that many look at flower distributors to engage them and teach them more about wholesale bulk flowers and flowers in general.

At Schaefer Wholesale Florist we know there is much more to providing wholesale bulk flowers to florists than just sending flowers! And, we also see the power of social media for flower distributors, and we have every intention of using it to better serve our florists.

Our goal is to reach our clients’ community as broadly as possible. As part of our efforts, we continually utilize social media platforms to add value to our florist customers in every way possible.

So, we engage current, new and potential consumers by providing various tips and information about the floral industry trends and news. Also, social media platforms offer an excellent opportunity to share up to date information on different types of flowers, domestic and imported, seasonal, and trendy.

Florists can get educational tips on our social media on how to care for certain flowers and how to make more sales in certain seasons with certain flowers.

In addition to being informational, the content for our social media posts is also conversational, intended to engage our existing and future consumers.

Florists, floral designers, wedding planners, wedding ceremonies companies, and other professionals in the floral business can join in the conversation about fresh cut flowers, floral supplies, and floral industry in general.

Another great aspect of social media is that relevant and fun facts, inspiring quotes, amazing images, and more are shared so quickly and simply, for everyone to enjoy and share with others.

We constantly look for new ways to help retailers stay competitive by introducing them to new products and services, and educating them about important crops (especially at holiday times), and other vital parts of the floral industry.

For instance, we recently posted about choose hardy flowers for boutonnieres for a summer wedding, because they will keep from wilting as the day progresses.

Or, did you know that Alstroemeria, aka Lily of the Incas, or Parrot Lily, symbolizes wealth, prosperity, fortune, and friendship? You’ll learn things like this, and much more, if you follow us on social media!

Another tool, which is also becoming an increasingly important one, to utilize if you want to go an extra mile for your client base is -blogging.

At SWF we do our best to create and share relevant blogs on a monthly basis. Once a blog is posted on our site, we also share it on social media, giving our audience more opportunity to learn about it and read it on our site.

At Schaefer Wholesale Florist, we find that there are so many fun things to know and share about fresh cut flowers and floral industry.

We invite all of you to connect with us and join in the great conversations through social media engagement.

Follow us, learn and grow with us, and have fun with us on Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

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