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SWF's Direct Buy Portals

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Through the Direct Buying Portals at www.swflorist.com, you are able to check live inventory, save money, know exactly what you are purchasing, and receive your product faster.

How to Prune Roses

Roses, the "divas of the garden", are awe-inspiring, but tending to them can also be quite intimidating.Their reputation is due mostly to all the diseases and pests they can attract, especially in climates with wet summers, and not so much to how challenging their pruning is.While it may be difficult or intimidating to many gardeners, pruning roses offers so [...]

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Spring Flowers Perfect for Your Wedding

Spring is the season of love and new beginnings, and the peak blooming happens for some of the world’s most beautiful flowers. And, it is the most popular time of the year to get married.With so many amazing floral choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the perfect flowers for your big day.So, [...]

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Spring Is Here – Time to Stock Up On Potted Plants and Hanging Baskets

It’s springtime - the perfect time to begin planning what plants you’d like to have in your outdoor area, and start planting summer blooming perennials and annuals.You can grow plants and flowers in your garden, no matter how small it is and whatever its style. If your garden is your balcony, flat roof or even just your windowsills – [...]

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Schaefer Wholesale Florist Announces Greater Purchasing Control for B2B Customers

Schaefer Wholesale Florist (http://www.SWFlorist.com) is pleased to announce Greater Purchasing Control for Business-to-Business (B2B) Customers. Today’s innovative technology is the key to greater purchasing control through the California Direct, Holland Direct, and now the Canadian Direct Programs. The “Direct Buying” Site Expansion has offered Schaefer Wholesale Florist (SWF) tremendous insight into the most sought after [...]

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Get Ready to Plant Your Own Garden This Year

If you want to start growing your own edible and decorative plants, this is the perfect time of the year for such wonderful ventures.Spring is when you want to begin growing and digging to create a vegetable garden, an herb garden, or a flower garden. Fall will be a good time to plant trees, shrubs, bulbs, and [...]

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What Color Rose Should You Give Your Loved One This Year?

Valentine’s Day is about romance, love, sweetness, passion, unity, and celebration!Expressing your feelings can be beautifully achieved by the gift of roses, and knowing which rose color symbolizes certain sentiments can help you select the best bouquet for your loved ones. Yes, differently colored roses can represent different things in relationships and can relay different messages. As floral wholesalers, at [...]

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The Poinsettia: The Ultimate Christmas Flower

There are many symbols and decorations associated with the winter holiday season, but when it comes to Christmas - one of the first things people will think of is poinsettia.Also known as the Christmas Star and Christmas Flower, this exquisite plant with scarlet, star-shaped leaves is certainly one of the most popular Christmas decorations, and a staple in homes [...]

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Best Holiday Gifts for the 2016 Season!

Winter is the season of holiday celebrations, parties, and weddings, and it’s the time to get together, be merry, and give gifts.Each year, we ask the question: What gifts should we give? Since we can all use a little holiday gift giving inspiration, whether you’re buying for your spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents, or friends, we gathered some of the [...]

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Low Maintenance Flowers For A Busy Life

As a wholesale florist who serves retail flower shops, event and wedding planners, and family owned grocery stores, we want to help all of our customers get as many customers of their own as possible, make as many sales as possible, and earn the loyalty and repeat business from their customers.At SWF, we love to share industry trends, tips [...]

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